Sunday, February 22, 2015

Project storage shed

I am happy to report that one of our long time projects since our move over to the ranch is in the process! Billy took two weeks off, in between leaving the forest service and starting with Montecito fire department and is determined to build us a bigger storage shed.
Monday he drew out his plans, Tuesday was the trip to Home Depot to pick up the lumber & Wednesday was "go day". It didn't take long to empty everything out of the old shed all over the back yard and start the tear down. Our ward missionaries came up to help for the afternoon too! They made it in time to move the last few items out of the shed and help tear it down. Then, they got straight to work, following Billy's directions, and framing the walls of the new shed. By the time they had to leave, the front and back walls were up! By the end of the day, Billy had the 3rd wall framed and up.

Thursday morning, 4th wall went up followed by the sheeting and roof rafters!

Friday & Saturday were both "broken" work days. I had a 12:30 dr. appointment & a couple errands and Billy needed another truck load of materials from Home depot. Saturday we had an afternoon birthday party for the boys & an evening birthday party for Billy and I! But between all that, Billy was somehow able to finish all the fascia and nail down the roof sheets. He amazes me with his building talents.

We have had a drizzly Sunday and may have a drizzly day tomorrow as well... but Billy is off for one more week, so hopefully we can get this shed done by the end of the week! If not, it will come to a major halt as Billy starts his rigorous 7 week academy with Montecito on March 2nd. As well as a brand new baby in the mix in less than 4 weeks. I will be out of commission to help out for a few weeks after because of surgery :(
Our 3 big helpers!!


  1. WOW! It looks amazing! You guys do amazing work together! Always so impressed with you guys.