Sunday, July 13, 2014

Safety Town

William participated in a safety town program last week, Monday through Friday at foothill elementary school. It was from 8:30am to noon each day, a test to see if I could handle actually taking him to school each day. We did okay, but by the end of the week we were all exhausted from being on a tight schedule and out of the house for a good chunk of the day. I'm going to be happy to continue home schooling, I think it's much easier and less stressful for our family.
Besides all that, William had an AMAZING week at safety town! I will recommend it to all my friends with Kindergarten age kids. He learned some awesome safety songs that he now sings at home all the time :) He got to visit with the ambulance, a county fire engine, Smokey bear, and a sheriff deputy. He got to ride on the MTD bus, learned street safety, fire safety, earthquake safety, water safety...  each day I picked him up he told me all the fun he had and told me everything he learned. He had a guest speaker who came and spoke on "good touch, bad touch" (parents were invited) and she did a wonderful job bringing that topic to their level of understanding in a fun and positive way. Zachary even picked up on her speech and later that day told William " that is a BAD touch William, no hitting me!". William got mad and told me NOT to bring Zachary to HIS safety town anymore! :)
On the last day they had a "graduation" from safety town that the boys and I attended. Each child was given a diploma and presented an award from one of the volunteers. William was the only one who did not accept his award! Apparently he did not like getting an award for best pedestrian because he wanted an award for best driver! :) :) What can you do. Haha.
I'm glad I was pressured into signing William up for safety town. I will look forward to putting Zachary in next year :) It was well worth the money and I didn't feel like it was just one of those "day care" camps. He learned a ton of valuable information and it sparked a lot of good conversation for our family.

 William was in safety town with his buddies, Kaiden Hodson and Merrick Marquis.
William had his arms tightly folded the entire graduation. I knew it wasn't easy for him to be up there... he was uncomfortable. But he was a good sport and made it through, he even sang all the songs. Good job William, I'm proud of you.


  1. Sounds like a great experience! William is looking a lot like his uncle Ian to me :)

  2. Way to go William! Glad it was such a good experience. That is so funny that he wouldn't accept his award because it wasn't the one he wanted HA!

  3. Sounds like a great experience. I'm glad that William got to go and participate. Zachary cracks me up.

  4. William is growing up! That seems cool. My kids like structured time like that too... I should try to put them in some camps next year during the summer.