Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Lets go Bowling

William and Zachary had dentist appointments this last Thursday, their first time getting their teeth cleaned. Well, I had made them an appointment last year but they both freaked out and wouldn't let the dentist do anything. So, we did a little more prepping and went to try again. A couple of days before the appointment, William said "Mom, if we do a good job at the dentist, can we go bowling afterwards? We haven't been bowling in a while."
It was agreed. If they behaved at the dentist and let her clean their teeth, we would go bowling! William went first and told me I didn't even need to go back there with him. He is getting so darn big. He did a perfect job and came out with a clean bill of teeth health. (although, he does have my mouth which means it's small and everything in there is very crowded already) Something we will deal with as it comes I guess.
Zachary was next and he clung to me and looked up at me with his puppy eyes and said "I need you to come with me Mom." I did, but not for too long, because with me comes a 1 year old a 2 year old and a 5 year old! Too many people back there in the dentists way and too many distractions. After a few minutes, I looked at him and told him they were not going to do anything that would make him hurt and I would be right in the waiting room. I told him I would check on him in a couple minutes too.
After that, he did great! He also came out with a clean bill of teeth health. Phew.
So off to the bowling alley we went :)
The boys all had a great time, Lucas slept the whole time and I pulled off bowling with 4 kids, 5 and under!!

 It was a 7 pound ball!!! They all did great carrying that heavy thing!


  1. The dentist is scary! ha ha... your kids are cute and bowling after was a great deal!

  2. I love that they have those roller ramps for kids now. I think if I used them they would help me too.

  3. How cute is that, I bet my kids would love to go bowling.