Thursday, January 16, 2014

7 year celebration

Billy and I celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary this last weekend! When we exchanged cards on our anniversary in between Christmas and New Years, Billy's card came with a paper showing a reservation at Avila Hot Springs. Then, after talking to some coworkers, he switched the reservation over to Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort. Both are in Avila Beach, just a little over an hour north, but the Sycamore resort was more of a fit for our occasion.
I made a phone call to our wonderful neighbors down the road, the Radelfingers, and they agreed to watch the boys over night! The boys were REALLY excited to spend the night at Asa's house and didn't mind being left there one bit. Scott took them out on the ranch on a quad, Felicia read them stories and they watched a movie. I know they felt right at home over there :)
We dropped them off after lunch on Thursday and drove to Avila. When we got there and got all checked into our room, we got ready for a run to the beach. There was a very convenient trail from the resort, through a golf coarse and over to the beach about 2 miles away. We walked on the beach for a bit and then ran back. We explored the grounds of the resort and checked out all the scattered mineral hot tubs and then went back to the room to clean up for dinner.

Billy made us a reservation for dinner at the restaurant there and they were so very nice and excited to help us celebrate our anniversary. The food was very much gourmet. They have a farm to table menu. We actually saw their garden when we went running earlier, so that was really neat. Apparently they even bottle their own water. Everything that we ordered was delicious and over the top with flavor, but, we could have eaten more. With gourmet comes small portions I suppose. Anyway, they brought us a complimentary dessert and wished us a happy anniversary and then brought us homemade chocolates too!
After dinner we went back to our room and got into our bathing suits and headed to the spa. Billy arranged for us to get a couples massage at the spa at 8pm! Before our treatment we got to soak in the hot mineral water for about 45 minutes, so nice. Then into our massage room for an hour long massage. We both left feeling really good.
Once we got back to our room, I thought we better make a run for a grocery store so that we had some breakfast for the morning. No need for a gourmet breakfast for $50 that won't fill you up. So we drove into San Luis Obispo and found a grocery store, grabbed some instant oatmeal and some bananas and called it good. Our room had a huge flat screen t.v. but no way to watch movies (other than what we could find on the t.v.) Bummer. We ended up watching a show about a guy who builds crazy awesome tree houses. Pretty amazing.
In the morning after our breakfast we headed out for a hike. There was a trail right out the back of the resort up to the top of a ridge that over looked Avila Beach. It was beautiful. Then back down and straight to the yoga dome for an hour of Yoga with this gnarly yogi! He was really good. We felt great again leaving that yoga room. Cleaned up once more and packed everything up. What a great place for a one night get away! Billy asked me if I could imagine staying there for a week.... umm, YES. Especially if I got the full treatment every day ;) Haha.

We met up with Scott and the kids in Solvang, his kids had piano lessons and the boys were just running around hanging out. When they saw us they hardly flinched. It was a good feeling to know that they had such a great time and felt so comfortable with our neighbors. They were actually bummed that we got back so early... they wanted to go back to their house and play more.
Happy Anniversary Billy. Thanks for marrying me and for planning such a wonderful day away. I love you.


  1. Way to go Billy! That sounds amazing and looks so beautiful. Glad you guys had such a special anniversary. I'm glad you guys got married because Billy is awesome and couldn't imagine our family without him. Love you both!

  2. Awesome Lori ... You got pampered big time, and you deserve it!

  3. NICE! Isn't it awesome to get away once in a while? That sounds so great.