Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas sewing and giving

I did a bit of sewing around the Christmas time. I found this cute pattern and tutorial on line for a gathered zipper clutch wallet and tried it out.... it was pretty easy. So, I made a few of them for gifts. I made one for my Christmas bunco gift exchange, one for Williams primary teacher, one for each of the two Christmas baskets I put together for my inactive sisters I visit, one for my "old neighbor" and one to go with the purse I made for my other "old neighbor"! Phew. I sewed a purse that is almost identical to the one I made myself for a friend. It was a request from her husband, who works with Billy, and a surprise for her. So cute. He saw my bag one day and was super impressed and said how much his wife, Katie, would be stoked on a bag just like it. I was happy to make it for him to give to her.
Last, I made a little diaper carrier and matching wipey case for my sister in law who is expecting a baby boy in April. I made one of these for my friend in Hawaii this last summer when she had her first and I thought it was so great that I made one for myself too. I love it and find it super useful. Especially now that the boys are older and I don't want to carry around a huge diaper bag anymore.
I really do enjoy sewing and I have quite the stash of fabric to just go for it, so why not, right. Now if I could just get motivated to conquer the mending pile! :)


  1. WOW Lori! You are so pro! Those are awesome. Seriously awesome! Looks like I'm the only sister left to learn the art of sewing.

  2. You have been busy! They all look so great! Nice work sis.

  3. Awesome job! I need to sew some stuff for myself... this is a good motivator.