Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I can't believe this, but Jameson is teething already! His two bottom teeth have poked through his poor little gums. No wonder he has been extra fussy, super drooly and not sleeping quite as well. I was in shock when I felt them in his mouth.  Man, this boy is throwing me a curve ball. Not only is he pounds bigger than his brothers at this age but he is teething 5 months earlier than them as well.
He is also still sick. He got all congested when we went out to Utah for a visit and it's been a month now and he is still not better! At his doctor appointment today, I was told to cut the dairy out of my diet completely and to take two extra supplements each day. An immune booster and a herbal syrup that supports lung and bronchial passageway health called Ivy Calm. I love that Jameson's pediatrician doesn't jump right to antibiotics and instead tries natural remedies first. So, no more ice cream for me until Jameson is 100% healthy again! This is going to be hard... this is a true test of love :)  Jameson weighed in at 14 pounds today. I was guessing no more than 15, phew.


  1. No way! That is crazy! He is so different from your other boys so far. Just as cute though.

  2. Oh my! That is early! Maybe he'll get it all out of the way fast and get teething over with. I hope he gets better fast...and I hope it has nothing to do with you eating ice cream. :)

  3. That is the earliest I have heard of in our family for getting teeth. When did billy get his first tooth? It must be his fault... Ha ha. Sorry the little guy is still congested. That is a long time.