Tuesday, September 25, 2012

8 Hours

I have to write down that Jameson slept from 830pm to 7am last night! Which means I got a solid 8 hours of sleep!! He was only stirring at 7 but I needed him to eat in a bad way.... so I got him up. He was still kinda sleepy and fell back asleep until 830 so I had to pull out the pump. It was so nice, for both of us. He needed it, he was really feeling a lot better today. I know I needed it too! Billy has been gone for 16 days now and my patience is worn thin and I am very exhausted. Hooray for a little recovery night! Thanks Jameson! What a good baby you are.


  1. That is great! Hooray for both of you. One day... when I have kids... I'm pretty sure I am going to be a super grumpy mom from lack of sleep. OR maybe I am just getting myself used to it now with my crazy social and work schedule.

  2. Hooray! That is the most wonderful day ever when you get your first full nights rest. Teething and all Jameson is doing great. :)

  3. See, I think I'm ready to try for another baby, and then I read this. ;) I'm glad Jameson helped by giving his mom a good night sleep.