Monday, June 4, 2012


Last week Zachary tripped and fell walking on the gravel road outside and scraped his nail and finger pretty good. Today I noticed that it was all red and swollen, infected and tender and Zachary kept crying about it. I put several hot compresses on it and attempted to prick it and drain it with no luck. Lots of crying and screaming from Zachary today.
Right after dinner, the boys and I went outside to talk to a neighbor and two of the new neighbor boys pulled up to play at the playground. William was giving Zachary a ride on the trike with the bench seat and all of a sudden I look over and one of the neighbor boys started to push them from behind. William didn't want him to push them, but instead of using his words he tried to stop the trike by dragging his feet. The main problem was that he was wearing flip flops! I ran over, but it was to late. Williams big toe was scraped up pretty good and half his nail gone. More blood, screaming and crying. Really?!
Why do these things always happen when Billy is not around? He left on a fire assignment Sunday morning. Thank goodness Billy's Mom and Grandma are here right now. I had a little moral support and some extra hands this time... but I know these times will come up again when I will be the only one around to juggle it all.  Oh boy.


  1. Oh no! I can just see it all playing out... I'm so sorry. Glad you have a little moral support and help with your boys right now with Billy's mom

  2. Sorry Lori. No fun for them or you. Glad you had some help.

  3. So true!! I hear you all the way. When it rains it pours.