Friday, June 15, 2012

Morning hike

On Wednesday morning I got up at 6:30 to meet the group of girls from girls camp who were on their overnight away at Sage hill camp ground. They were going to hike the 3.5 mile Aliso loop trail and I came along as an extra adult. I fed Jameson at 6am and then got on my bike and rode to the camp ground. Of course there was girl drama, so the start  time for the hike was a little delayed. By the time we got to the half way point up on the top of the ridge it was already 8:10! So, I broke off and without running, went as fast as possible toward home. While speed walking, I picked some wild flowers and made a little bouquet on my way home. I made it in the door at 8:45 just in time for Billy to get out the door to work. Jameson was a little bummed that I wasn't home sooner, but he is officially a 9 pound er, so he can make it a little longer without food :) even if he doesn't think so.

I just love my backyard! The wild flowers are so beautiful right now... wish they were going to last.


  1. I'm just about ready to head off to girls camp... Monday morning. Hope there isn't too much drama. I'm glad that billy is home and that you got to be out in your wonderful surroundings.

  2. Pretty. Glad you got a good morning walk.

  3. Pretty flowers! How fun to have that in your backyard.