Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Jameson Osa Wrenn

On May 9th at 9:30am we welcomed Jameson Osa Wrenn into our family. He weighed in at 6 pounds 15 ounces and measured 19 inches long. Another beautiful baby boy! My Cesarean delivery went very well and my recovery has been quite painless and speedy. Jameson is as healthy as they come and such a little love. The boys just love him and are so gentle and sweet with him. I am so excited to have another little boy in the family to raise!

Jameson's name was one that took a little time and searching to come to a final decision. We wanted to find a name that was special to where we are living and raising our children right now. We also wanted a family tie to his name. We ended up with both! My Grandma Mills, who is my last living grandparent, father was named Osa James Grant. We really liked the name Osa as we looked at his photos and thought about the family that the Grant/ Mills lines created. We also live a mile away from Rancho Oso and live under the stars (ursa major constellation) by night back in the national forest. So it was a fit all the way around. At the head waters of the Santa Ynez river, where we often play, is Jameson reservoir. Great Grandpa Osa's middle name was James.... another double connection! As each day passes I love his name more and more.

Jameson is the perfect addition to our family, I am in love again for the 4th time.

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  1. So sweet Lori! I can't wait to meet him. I love the name and I had no idea of it's local connection. I think that you got both location and family ties in there is so awesome. Love it. Can't wait to see you guys. Hopefully it is SOON!