Monday, May 7, 2012

Cake & Ice Cream

Last night we had the neighbors over to help us celebrate Zachary's 2nd birthday. It was just a low key, cake and ice cream event. I think we had about 17 adults, 5 kids (including Will & Zach) and 2 little baby's. Zachary seemed to enjoy himself and knew what to do at cake time. He blew out his #2 candle in a couple tries. He had to get really close for his little blow to do the job, I thought he was going to burn his nose :) It was very cute.
Since Zachary's birthday falls 3 days after I have the baby I figured we would celebrate before hand. I still had to take several breaks before the party as I was baking and frosting and cleaning to put my feet up.... but I think it was the better choice. Of course I didn't grab my camera until the candle was blown out and then only took a couple pictures. That's me i guess.
I made a gooey butter cake and chocolate cupcakes with a mint truffle kiss in the middle. We hung a few streamers and that was that. The perfect party for 3 days before due day.
Happy Birthday Zachary. We will have another little family celebration on Saturday for you!

On another note: Today is the first day of fire season. Here we go.....


  1. Oooo.... that cake sounds good! I want some. Happy Birthday to little Zachy! He is such a cutie. Miss and love you guys. Hope I get to see you soon.

  2. Happy Birthday Zachary! So sorry about your legs. I remember it well. It will be over soon!!! Love you.

  3. Sometimes it is hard to remember to take pictures when you are so busy having fun! I think what you did was perfect. For some reason I didn't realize how close together those birthdays ware going to be.