Monday, April 9, 2012

Random photo shoot

On Friday we went into town to run some errands. Billy has been feeling sick for a week now & after trying a raw diet and home brewed tea to cure him, we finally took him to the Med center. While the boys and I waited for him to be seen by a doctor (which was a LONG time) we met a nice lady & her dog out in the parking lot. The boys had fun playing with the dog and running around and I chatted with this women about her sick son, among other things. Randomly she asked if she could take some pictures of the boys because she thought they were so cute & she would email me the pictures! She pulled out her fancy camera and started snapping away and she got some really cute ones i thought.
It was so nice of her to take some cute pictures for me. I was just thinking I needed some updates. They grow so darn fast!
On another note, William has been riding this balance bike lately that we borrowed from the neighbors down the road. Today he started to bomb the little hill outside our house! I was amazed how he just went for it. He took the speed like a champ and made the turn at the bottom nice and smooth with great balance. Next step is to take the training wheels off his little bike and let him go for it! William never ceases to amaze me.


  1. Great random photoshoot! Your boys are SOOOOOOOOO cute!!!! Seriously miss you all.

  2. That is so nice. I love meeting genuinely kind people. And your boys are so cute. William is such a little athlete! He is going to dominate every sport he tries, I am sure.

  3. so, what was the matter with Billy? I hope it was nothing serious! Love your family

  4. Hope Billy is feeling better. Your boy's eyes are so bright! Brilliant Blue.