Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter 2012

This is the first year in our marriage (i think) that we colored eggs as a family. A month ago, when we were at the book store, we bought William a Curious George book all about egg dying. He was really into the book, so i figured he would be just as into the real deal. He was, almost as much as Billy :) We had a nice Saturday night coloring the hard boiled eggs.
Easter Sunday after church, and after a hair cut for William, Billy hid the eggs out in the back yard. Since there were only 9 and both boys were really good at finding them, Billy hid the eggs 3 more times! William and Zachary really enjoyed themselves and it was so fun to watch them run around looking for the hidden eggs.
Glad it was a nice day too. William got a chocolate egg from Primary, an egg sized hollow one, which he ate in the car on the way home and got ALL over his white shirt. So when we got home I took his shirt off to work on the stains & of course, whatever one brother does the other one needs to do to and off went Zachary's shirt. No cute pictures in their Sunday best. That's my boys!


  1. fun. I still want to die eggs! I love seeing your updates. Makes me feel like I see you guys more often than I do. Miss and love you!

  2. We had a fun time here too with the Bourgeous kids finding eggs in the back yard. While Jess and Kristy were hiding them, Reanne, Sierra and Grant hid some in the basement for the adults to find. They liked that just as much as finding there own. ha ha

  3. I think the shirtless look is pretty cute on your boys. Ha! What a fun Easter. It took us a while to dye eggs too, and I think this is the first time Asher was REALLY into it. It is cute that Billy hid the eggs 3 times.