Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Play group

Today was our weekly outing to play group. With the new month, we were at a new park and the boys really loved it there. We will be meeting at Bella Vista park for the month of April. It's right in between DP and the old El Rancho school and it's a big park! Lots of trees and grass to romp and explore as well as a nice play ground.
One of the girls in the playgroup suggested we have an Easter egg hunt today to lead into Easter weekend. It was a huge hit! There were so many kids that showed up today and they were all pumped to look for eggs in the grass, trees and picnic areas. It was so fun to watch them go. I don't think my boys have ever had the experience of searching for eggs but they knew just what to do :) They both filled their baskets and were very happy hunters.
I am going to do my best to not eat all their candy over the next few days.... I love Easter candy!


  1. How fun. They are so cute. That is neat that you are involved in the playgroup. Must be so fun for everyone. I would have a hard time not eating the candy as well. ha ha

  2. Egg hunts are so fun! Glad you got to participate with the boys.. And they are sooo cute!

  3. That is so fun! My kids are still hiding eggs for each other as a game. I'm so glad the egg hunting finally caught on. ;-)

    I miss the park days in Santa Barbara. sigh. ;-)