Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

This year for Halloween we decided to be a star wars family. Billy looked at Zachary several weeks ago and said he would make a good Yoda because his ears stick out a little. So, from that comment stemmed our costumes for the holiday. I went to the thrift store and found a few key items for cheap, the craft store for some material and a friend for some borrowed clothing. I sewed Zacharys yoda cap and robe (which ended up to be way to short) then i sewed Williams Ewok head peice. It was not a lot of effort which was a good thing considering we were only in the costumes for maybe 30 minutes for the tail end of trunk or treat. I guess we may recycle the costumes again in a couple years. Then my efforts wont be a total loss. Because last year our costumes were such a hit at trunk or treat... we have this reputation to live up to i guess. What are the Wrenns going to be this year?? Well, this was us- I tried.


  1. Love it! You guys look so great! I really love the Ewok costume. Did you find that or make it? William is getting so big.
    I love that you guys pick a theme and dress up as a family. I totally want to do that one day. Love you.

  2. I think you did great! And you tried way more than I did.