Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Rockies

William and Zachary have now played their first 2 games of the season.  We are off to a slow start with so many of our teams practices being canceled due to rain. There are lots of boys on the team that could use more play time and practice to learn the game. William and Zachary are playing awesome! They are so fun to watch. With William's experience from last year, he is a key player to our team and really dominates out there. Zachary is right behind him because he has played so much with William and Dad at home and on fields around town. They just love the game. They are focused and into it and so it is fun to watch them.
It's been a little hard for me to watch the games just because of how new most of the players are and how so many of them don't seem to be to into it. But I am biting my tongue and doing my best to just cheer everyone on. Hopefully we will only get better and the ones who don't seem to be to into it will get more into it.
Here are just a few pictures from game number one- Rockies vs. Padres...


  1. So fun! Wish I could go to a game!

  2. Great job boys! Love sweet Leila's hands in her pockets