Monday, March 27, 2017

New beds

Shortly after we returned from Hawaii, we did a big bed switch in the kids rooms. I ordered a twin over full bunk bed from Costco (it was called the Zachary bed, so I took it as a sign) for the boys room and they were pumped for a bunk bed!
When Billy's Dad was in town we took advantage of the extra set of muscles and the musical beds began. First the crib came down and out to the shed. Next the day bed came out of the boys room and scooted into Leila's room. Last was the construction of the bunk bed in the boys room. Rich and Billy got it all done pretty quickly, I think they were done by lunch! The boys room seems even bigger with the bunk bed in there and the white day bed is perfect for Leila and she loves it.
Now all the boys keep track of who slept on top last and they rotate every night :)  Whatever makes them happy!


  1. It all looks great! Musical beds!!

  2. Looks really good! I remember being excited for bunk beds too. So cute that they take turns on top.