Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Birthday Boy

We celebrated Billy's birthday last Tuesday with a beautiful outdoor day and some funfetti cake at night. After we got school done, went back into the orthodontist for William (who lost a bracket brushing his teeth the first night he had them on) we headed out to Carp to meet up with some playgroup friends and pick avocados at our friends new house and small orchard. We picked a lot of avocados! They were asking people to come pick the trees because last years crop was still on them and they want a good crop next season. Win- win for everyone right!
After picking avocados, we went to lunch in Summerland at a local hamburger place Billy had eaten at once after training out there for work. Then it was off to piano lessons for the boys. I ran a couple errands during lessons and then we headed home.
Billy had requested BBQ tritip for his birthday dinner. So once we got home I prepped the meat, readied a scalloped potato dish, chopped up brocolii and cut up a cantaloupe. It was a delicious meal! We were all stuffed after eating, but we were able to stuff down some funfetti cake drizzled with coconut cream syrup and vanilla ice cream. Happy 34 years of life Billy dear, I sure love you a lot!


  1. Those candles look exactly like the ones on Tracy's cake this last december. Sounds like a busy and fun filled day!

  2. Ha ha... I was just going to say the same thing as mom. Mom did my candles the same way for my birthday. Happy Birthday Billy! Glad you are part of the family!