Monday, January 30, 2017


I don't know how William is old enough for braces... but today he went to the orthodontist and had braces put on his sweet smile. He was a trooper. He has my small mouth, so it has to be stretched out really good in order for the Dr.'s to work in there. This braces work is not even for teeth straightening, it's for mouth expanding! Just like me, his mouth is not big enough for all his incoming teeth, so they are creating room. He is such a good sport and has been very mature about the whole thing. Both of the orthodontist's at the office he is going to are awesome. Dr. White & Dr. Grube.
He is getting an early start on his mouth, so hopefully it turns out to be a good thing for him. I started teeth work in 5th grade, William is starting in 3rd! Crazy.
I see lots of blenders in our future!


  1. Holy Moly! He does seem way too young for braces! What a trooper! Glad he is a good sport about it.

  2. Get him some ice cream from me ... poor guy!