Sunday, November 6, 2016

William's Baptism

I can't let this special day go by without a journal entry. William was baptized as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on October 16th, 2016. We held the service, which was shared with his friend Oscar Green, right after church. It was Oscars actual birthday which made the day super special for him and his family as well.
The program started with singing "I am a Child of God", our good Bishop conducted the meeting for us, and then it was Billy up first for the talk on baptism. He did a sweet and wonderful job. Then I finished off with a little baptism bag presentation that I made for each boy full of little reminders and symbols to help them remember their special day and what it was all about.
Billy then took William to the font and baptized him. Jared followed with Oscar and baptized him.
While we waited for them to dry off and change their clothes, I played several primary songs on my guitar for people to sing along. It kept a nice reverent spirit and as I was finishing my last prepared song, Jared and Oscar walked in! It was perfect timing.
William and Oscar then got up and sang "Army of Helaman" together. It was awesome and I was beaming as I listened to them. They did an amazing job!
Next, Jared's Dad/ Oscar's Grandpa gave a nice talk on the Holy Ghost. He shared several neat stories when he was strongly prompted by the Spirit and listened.
Then, William received the gift of the Holy Ghost and was given a blessing by Billy. In the circle to join him were; his Grandma Mills, Uncle Dan, Larry Hixon, Larry Adams, and Bishop Ruth. It was a very sweet blessing.  Oscar was confirmed after William.
The primary president congratulated them both and gave them a small packet including a booklet for a program they will begin now that they are 8 years old. The Bishop also congratulated them and welcomed them as the newest members of our ward :)
We ended the meeting with a song and then dismissed out to the courtyard for some light refreshments that Jill and I prepared.
It was a special day. And, it was really special that Grandpa Wrenn, Grandpa & Grandma Mills, and the Hixon family all made such long drives to be there and support William! What an awesome family we have!
Congratulations William. I love you so much and can't believe how much you are growing up.


  1. It was a great day! William is a very special boy ... love him.

  2. How special. So wish I could have been there. Glad you took pics so I could feel like I was there. :)