Wednesday, November 2, 2016


When did it get to be November! We were just celebrating our birthdays in Utah, fresh from Hawaii.... life has been a whirl wind lately.
We took our first plane ride as a family on October 21st. The kids did awesome! They all loved it! It was the thrill of their year, they were all smiling and so happy. We flew from LA to Salt Lake so the flight was a quick hour and 20 minutes. When we landed one of the boys asked " can we just go on one more flight before we have to get off?" Haha.
This second trip to Utah in a months time was a success. My sisters and Mom and I had planned a big surprise birthday party for Kristy and Jess's 40th birthday. It was awesome. Although it was almost foiled by weekend army reserve drills... it happened and it was grand.
A scavenger hunt that lead to birthday shirts and a party bus- an escape room adventure- dinner at the Bombay house- indoor kart racing- and a grand family party to end the evening. It was such a fun evening and I think that Kristy and Jess felt special and loved. So it was a success in my eyes and all so worth it. I'm so glad it happened!
We got home Tuesday night and I did not have the energy or time to think about Halloween. I didn't even get our Halloween bin out of the shed. We ended up borrowing a few bags of costumes from our good friend and the kids had their pick from them. Our church trunk or treat was Saturday evening after an afternoon learning about how to do family history and a big bbq dinner. Sunday I taught the lesson in Young Womens and now we are half way thru the week again. Non stop fun ;)
I haven't gotten the camera out to much lately but I have snapped a few cute moments on my phone...

Leila feeding Daddy grapes on the grass in Utah

Birthday prep

Playing in the creek
Leila in her bird costume
 This is how Leila drinks her milk out of the cereal bowl once she has eaten all the cereal.
It's awesome :)


  1. I totally love that bird costume!

  2. Love the bird costume too! So fun to have you here again and YES!!! the party was a total success and I am so glad that you guys had the idea to do it. So special. Love you!