Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Pirates to the play offs!

William played his last game of the season this past Friday, but his team was good enough to make it to the playoffs. So this Friday they go up against the number 4 team... the Pirates were number 3!
It has been fun to watch William learn and improve so much in the game of baseball during this past season. I initially was not to happy about his coach, how much he seemed to yell and not be positive at all. But, William hasn't seemed to be affected at all by this and really likes his team and coach. I have come to understand that sports just bring this type of behavior out in most men/ dads, and I think his coach is a nice guy and has done a fine job.
Taking pictures at Williams games has been a bit more challenging with the fence in between us, but I think I got a few good shots of him this past Friday. He gets a hit every time he comes up to the plate and runs like the wind to first base. He mostly was in the out field, being in his first season of base ball ever, but he did make his way to the in field by the end of the season for some of the innings. He loved playing the pitchers spot and also enjoyed catcher. Go William!! I have loved watching all your games this season :)


  1. Looks like he is going to be big into sports! It will be fun to watch him become a star!

  2. Look at his form! He looks like a pro! So proud of him. Also you did an awesome job taking pictures of the game. They are great!