Saturday, May 14, 2016

Birthday boys

We had a crazy busy week! Monday was the kick off, Jameson's 4th birthday. I'm still having a hard time believing little Jameson is 4. He wanted a fireman birthday and thank goodness for that. Billy was working and so we took dinner and birthday cake to the fire station after baseball practice. Jameson hung out in the TV room with a bunch of the fire fighters, captains, and chief. Billy pulled the fire engine out of the bay and all the boys took turns squirting water with the hose and nozzle. They loved it! Dinner was a hit and funfetti birthday cake was the perfect ending to our long Monday. Jameson is such a special and wonderful boy. He is a perfect addition to our family. He has been so easy going about running both his brothers to their baseball practices and games, hanging out without a complaint, and always smiling. He has a good time no matter what he is doing and he loves his brothers and sister very much. I love my little Jameson!

Thursday was Zachary's birthday. 6 years old already! Zachary had his last tee ball game that evening and I arranged an end of the season/ birthday celebration with the team after the game. Cupcakes were made and Costco pizza was picked up. Zachary got to pick out a tool box and a few tools to put in it for his birthday present from Mom and Dad. Thank goodness Home depot is right next to Costco and that my friend was able to take William to his practice down town so I didn't have to be on two sides of town at the same time!
The most special part of the day, I thought, was that Zachary spent the evening before his birthday and first thing the next morning making paper party hats for all the boys on his team. He did such a good job and worked really hard to get it done all by himself. ( I helped tie on the strings) They were so cute, straight from the heart.
Zachary is so sweet and so thoughtful. He is small but mighty. He was the best player on his tee ball team by far and loved every minute of his baseball season. It was so fun to watch him in his element out there. He is a joy to have around and is such a hard little worker! He loves playing with his brothers, loves doing school each day and loves, loves, loves his sister. I am so glad that Zachary is part of our family, I love him so much!


  1. Happy Birthday Jameson and Zachary!! I can't believe how big they are getting! Your kids are the sweetest. Love you all.

  2. That funny face of Jameson is priceless! I don't know how you are keeping up with everything Lori, But you are doing an amazing job. Happy birthday to your sweet and very cute boys.