Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Lane Farms Outing

Last week we attended an outing with the boys school to Lane farms to experience the pumpkin patch. We come here every year, at lease once, but had never come as part of a school group. It was a whole different experience! We were greeted by a very nice and informative staff person, given some cool facts and info on the farm, and then handed a clipboard. It contained an educational tour of the pumpkin patch with information to find and fill in by the kids. The boys were super into it! There were about 6 stations to visit and read information about farming. The small garden they have growing on site is really impressive. The boys were a little bummed that the corn maze was closed, but, it's probably better that we didn't get lost that day. It was HOT. They did get a tractor ride though!
At the end of the trip, the boys each picked a sugar pumpkin and that was about all we could handle in the heat of the day. We headed home for smoothies to cool off.
Hopefully we will go back as a family and get another family picture at the pumpkin patch!


  1. Ive heard a lot of complaints on facebook about the weather in santa barbara. It sure has been a warm fall.