Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween 2015

Billy had to work again this Halloween, so there was no rhyme or reason to the costumes, no family theme. But hey, we all had a costume on so that's gotta count for something!

William wanted to be a cowboy this year!

We borrowed a few awesome accessories from our ranch neighbors who have it all when it comes to cowboy attire. The hat, chaps and belt/buckle made the look legit for sure! They even let us borrow some real spurs... but they were pretty heavy and a little too big for Williams new boots. William made his own little lasso and he was as happy and cute as they come!

Zachary wanted to be Superman!

This was super easy because he has super man pajamas! We found a cape at the toy store yesterday and we were good to go! Cozy, easy, and so cute.

Jameson wanted to be a dinosaur!

This was a costume we had already (pretty sure William wore it just last year) So easy and so so cute.

Leila really really wanted to be a ballerina :) Haha!

Well, it was a really cute outfit I got at my baby shower and it fits her pretty well at the moment. This was a no brainer.

I recycled my Wendy costume from our peter pan family costume year. Mostly because I could easily nurse in this costume :) No picture was taken, since I was the one holding the camera (barely).

We went to the trunk or treat at our church parking lot. They were serving hotdogs and chili! Boys got candy & dinner in one shot and it was fun and easy. William and Zachary even felt comfortable enough to ditch me and my chatty self and do the loop without me :) Loved it!
After it ended, we followed Jonathan & Jane Dukes to their new house off Hope street and trick or treated a few houses with them and their cute girls.
We also went to the fire station before trunk or treat to visit Billy for an hour or so. He has been at work since Wednesday morning and wont come home until Monday night, so it was nice to get a little time with him too.

Happy Halloween!

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  1. They all look SOOOO CUTE! Can't wait to see you all soon! xoxo