Wednesday, September 30, 2015

007 Spy Birthday Party!

For William's 7th birthday, he requested a spy party. (He actually wanted a spy birthday last year and I didn't make it happen until this year) It was a fun party, but probably the most work I have ever spent on a party! The planning details took me weeks of thinking, internet searching and prepping. The whole length of the party was high energy and crazy. I did my best to take pictures but it was not an easy task.
The invitations were pieces of paper, letters to each secret agent in a top secret envelope.

When the kids arrived there was a table set up for picking a secret agent name and being fingerprinted. William chose "Golden Eagle", Zachary was "Slate Bat", and Jameson picked "Silver Hawk". All the kids seemed to enjoy the names they picked and did a good job putting their fingerprint on their badge. They all wore their badges for the rest of the party.

Their first training mission was to complete the laser maze. They all did a great job!

Next was the bomb detonation training. They went in pairs and had 20 seconds to detonate (pop) as many bombs as possible :)

The 3rd training mission was completing an agility obstacle coarse. The had to run thru the screen tent and somersault on the mat. Climb the dome and then scale down the ladder. Walk over a bench. Run and jump over the alligator. Climb onto the table and swing across the water pool. (Which I never got around to filling up! whoops) Around the corner was the balance beams with some surprises! Silly string and whiffle balls flying from a pitching machine that they had to dodge while crossing the beams. Their last obstacle was to scale a wall "aka a picnic table on it's side". They all did a great job.

Refueling was necessary after that. Inside for juice boxes, fruit, cheese sticks, and fruit snacks.

Once all the agents were back to full energy, it was into the back of the pickup for an ispy trip on the ranch. They all had to be on the careful lookout for 7 things which I listed for them to find and bring back. A painted rock, a robot claw, shiny binoculars, a crime scene, an empty bottle of Orangina, a ball cap, and the final code symbol written in rocks!

They found it all and came back with a sketch of the symbol they had found. Throughout the party they had received a code symbol for each training completed. After finding the final symbol, I gave them the cipher sheet to decode their message. It spelled "winners"!

A final "bomb" was to be detonated in the back yard.... the piƱata. The party bags with spy goodies were handed out, candy was retrieved from the exploded bomb, and the bomb cake was devoured.

It doesn't sound like much, but after everyone left, I pretty much collapsed! William assured me that he had an AWESOME time, so it was all worth it :) right? Not sure if I will ever attempt to throw a party that involved again... but the kids all had a super time.

Uncle Ian and cousin Emmett made a special appearance for the party as well! Thanks for coming and helping guys :) We love you!

Happy birthday William!


  1. Yes!!! I'm so glad you documented! Turned out amazing! Good work!