Monday, April 13, 2015

Count down to Graduation!

Billy is in his last week of academy! As of tonight, 3 more days and then GRADUATION! I know Billy is excited to be done and I am excited for him to be done with this crazy schedule he has had for the past 6 weeks. He found out that he will be put on A shift at the station which means his first day of work as a probationary fire fighter is this Sunday. Life is about to be a little different in our home. I think we are all ready :)

Meanwhile, we have all been surviving at home and loving our new addition to the family!

 Leila had her first trip to church yesterday. She was an angel. She wore my dress. My Dad bought this dress for me when I was born and somehow I kept it all these years in hopes to put it on my little girl one day.


  1. Hooray for Billy!!! So happy I got to visit with you guys, even for a short visit. Love the picture and Leila is the cutest baby EVER!!! Love all of you!

  2. I'm going thru Wrenn withdrawals.

  3. That is just the best! I'm glad you had a girl to put in your dress after all these years. :) And yay for graduation and a new job!