Friday, September 12, 2014

Bear hunt

Life has been a whirl wind the past month, it's a miracle I can keep everything in order! The realtor I property manage for closed escrow on another home at the beginning of August, in Winchester Commons. I have been busy meeting realtors, repair companies, handymen and carpet installers as well as processing applications for tenants. Not horribly hard until you throw in the 4-plex building where two units were turning over and one other got a 60 day notice. More rental applications, handy men, carpet cleaners and inspectors. My poor boys have been so patient and good through it all as I have tugged them along to appointments, home depot trips & errands errands errands.
In the middle of it all William and I started K12 homeschool, 1st grade! He is doing amazing the first 2 weeks of school. The icing on the cake is we are in the middle of fire season and Billy has been out working hard battling the wild fire blazes and MIA from home for the most of the month.

So anyway, haven't posted anything lately for this reason. Haven't taken any pictures besides before and after pictures as the rental house was being worked on and pictures of the apartments for rent.

Today was a lovely (and super hot) Friday. William breezed through school this morning and we packed lunch and took it to the pool. We spent the rest of the afternoon at the pool (12-5) which was a life saver because it was just about 100degrees today. Went home, Lucas got picked up, we warmed up some leftovers and then headed to the neighbors for an evening cruise on the ranch.
I remembered to bring my camera!!! Of course that meant that we saw no bears this time :( But, I still got a few pictures of the evening. It was a beautiful evening for a slow cruise in the back country. We saw a few dear, lots of tarantulas and one huge wild pig.

Here are the boys in the back of the truck waiting for departure, super excited.

Cruisin down the dirt roads.

 The Neighbor kids and our boys make a perfect step ladder! 2,4,6,8,10 (just about)

 Looking for and identifying animal tracks in the dirt road. Coyote, bear, quail, dear... tons

The boys had a great evening out on the ranch with friends, we sure love our home!!!

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  1. Love that picture that you took out the window. I love that you guys do this. So fun. Miss and love you.