Sunday, August 17, 2014

Swim lessons

William and Zachary completed week 1 of 2 swim lessons at the YMCA on Friday. I had my camera the first day since I needed to take pictures of an apartment I posted on craigslist :) Not the most interesting pictures, but hey, swim lessons have been documented!

Zachary is the only one in his group lesson :) so awesome for us, a private lesson for group rate. He is doing GREAT. He is so determined to swim in the pool without a life vest like his big brother and his friends. He is jumping into the pool and popping up on his own, swimming with his head in the water and making big arm strokes!

William is super comfortable in the water. He has been learning breathing techniques and different swim strokes. He looks great out there and has a big smile on his face during his lesson. They both just love being in the water.

We had been going to swim more after lessons at the ranch pool each day which the boys loved. This week we won't be able to do that because there is a ranch owner who has come to stay for a bit from Ireland. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted :)


  1. That is so great that they are doing swim lessons! It's a good thing for them to be comfortable in the water. :) So fun that your kids get to do so many neat things. Miss you guys!

  2. Your kids are so fearless! It is always crazy to see how different cousins can be. I'm so glad they are all doing so well.

  3. I wish my kids could swim as well as yours, and/or were as determined to learn. They enjoy being in the water, and they have a few skills, but I wish they were more like your kiddos in that area. Also, does the Irish guy not want you around or what?