Sunday, April 13, 2014

Tee Ball

Well, William is well on his way to becoming a baseball legend ;) at least, his parents think so.
We are 4 weeks into Tee Ball and William loves it. He has now completed four Saturdays of fundamentals and station practice. Next Saturday is his first "game". I am so curious to see how this will all go down! Most of the kids have their parents standing by their side the entire hour, helping them along. I know if nothing else, it will be pure entertainment for all. William doesn't seem to care either way, he just loves being on the field with his mitt and uniform... and his buddies too.


  1. He sure looks like a pro. I'm glad he is loving it. We miss you guys already!

  2. Love it! I wish I could go to one of his games!

  3. He seriously looks like such a natural! Is Zachary jealous?

    1. Zachary is a little jealous, but doesn't throw a fit or anything. He just gets as close to the action as he can :) I'm glad I didn't sign up Zach quite yet though, he is still a little small and young. William is not afraid to move to the ball, where Zachary still turns his head when we throw to him.