Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter fun

We had a very nice Easter weekend. Friday night the boys colored eggs and then Saturday they had two egg hunts. One inside and one outside. Because hunting for eggs is too exciting to do just once :)



Sunday we focused on why we REALLY celebrate Easter and enjoyed our special Easter conference with the stake and Elder Bowen from the 70. It was a beautiful meeting. I even had the opportunity to go to a 3 hour leadership conference in Camarillo on Saturday and hear from Sister Bowen as well as Sister Wendy Nelson! That woman can talk and boy does she have a lot of amazing stories to share. It makes sense that Elder Russell M Nelson's wife would have a lot to share :) and boy did she share!

Nothing to special for Easter dinner... Billy left at 2:30 for a week long training class up north. One of the girls that I visit teach, who is single, joined me and the boys for dinner. I made something new from my blood type cook book. Turkey sausage zucchini boats. They were pretty tasty actually :) I would definitely make them again. I liked that the recipe called for fennel seeds and I just harvested some from the ranch last week, so I got to use some!

Tomorrow we will have one more fun little egg hunt with our play group. The boys are looking forward to that. I put little sticky men in the eggs that I am bringing. Hopefully they are a hit.


  1. Sounds like a great Easter. Fun that the boys get to do so many Easter Eggs hunts! :) Love and miss you.

  2. I love it when you post pictures of your boys!

  3. That recipe sounds yummy, and it sounds like something I could eat. What is your blood type, anyway? Mine is A+. I'm glad you had such a good Easter!