Friday, March 21, 2014

Our trip to Truckee!

It had been way to long since our family had made the trip up to Truckee, our last time there was a year ago Christmas! Although it is a bit of a haul in the car, it was a long over due road trip. So we made the plans and stuck with them! We spent 5 nights and 4.5 days visiting Billy's family and it was an awesome trip!
The weather was amazing for March, hardly any snow to be seen with highs in the low 60's! This meant, we were not stuck inside all day and instead we explored all that Donner Lake and Truckee had to offer :)
We went twice to the Regional park to play on the playground and walk the trail to Truckee river. The boys had a blast throwing rocks in the water, as always.
 Friday, we took a trip to Reno and spent several hours at the Kids Discovery Museum. The boys loved it! They built things, climbed in "the clouds", played in the dark caves and on the huge water table. So much fun to be had there.

Saturday we spent a big part of our day doing yard work at Grandpa and Grandma Great's house! I have some hard working boys :) We also went down to the docks a couple times to, what else, throw rocks in the water!

The boys played at the playground on the west end of Donner Lake one evening, they had a blast!

Billy and I got a run together as well as an evening out to B of A to listen to a band and do some dancing. Hooray for some dates!

I can't forget that the boys colored eggs with Grandma and had an Easter egg hunt! A little early, but, hey, I think they would do that every day if I planned it ;) What better fun than an egg hunt!

On our way out, we stopped at the old 40 bridge to see the view from above. A very nice man and photographer offered to take our picture! Score!

We visited our friends the Shadels on our way home and took a 5 hour stretch break :) They had invited us for dinner and bbqed steaks! We didn't leave until just before 9pm, (whoops) which put us getting home a little after 2am. Oh well, we made it and it was all worth it!
It was super fun to be with family and see old friends. The boys are already asking when we are going to go back to Truckee!


  1. Fun! It's so beautiful there! Glad you got to go. :) Love you.

  2. It's great that you got to do that trip without snow! Looks like it was a blast. Hug those boys for me.

  3. That sounds like a fun trip. Those slide pictures are the best! And that museum in Reno looks awesome.