Saturday, March 8, 2014

A new door

 Ever since we moved to this house 10 months ago, I have been bugged by the front door. It was old, water stained, drafty and just didn't match the house. To top that off, when Billy added on the office/ guest room and bought a new door over there, we tried to replace the front door lock so the two would match. Mid lock removal, Billy realized that the old deadbolt hole was too small to fit the new lock set. So, we have had a hole in the front door for at least 9 months. :)
Well, that all changed a couple weekends ago. I found a door on craigslist for cheap and, with Billy's permission, bought it. He changed out the doors and locks and just this last weekend, we finished trimming it out. The doors were slightly different sized (of course) so Billy had to cut new trim pieces. Then I got to work with the putty and paint. The house is two different shades of gray... but, maybe I will change that one day, maybe.
As for our screen door, it is no longer compatible. :(  I am toyed with the idea of a retractable screen door. Our friends have one and it's pretty sweet. Maybe our old screen will fit down at our condo?!? We have been meaning to put a screen on the door for our tenants.
Hooray for another house project done!


  1. I really like it. I really need to come see your place in person.

  2. Yes, you will need another screen door for the summer. It gets so hot!! Good job on the door. :)

  3. It really looks nice! And you guys are so handy.