Monday, November 25, 2013

November catch up

A lot of fun has been had to this point in November and I thought I should record some of it.
I will start off with the November first, William gave us a small scare when he dove into the couch straight into a metal Tonka truck! He came up crying and then moments later there was blood running down his face. Luckily it was a really small split in his head.... and it was nice that Billy was actually home to help me with a bloody episode. (He always misses them!)

The first weekend in November I hosted an early Thanksgiving dinner for the "Wrenn" family. Billy's Dad and Grandma came for a visit and picked up Nathan on the way down. I called Ian & Stephanie who now just live in San Luis and told them they had to come for dinner so the whole family could be together. This hasn't happen in at least a couple years. I cheated and picked up rotisserie chickens from Costco... but I made a yummy squash gratin dish, salad, pumpkin pie muffins, fruit kabobs and a dessert. I asked Ian to bring a drink and some bread rolls. It was fun to be all together for an evening!

Billy made a super cool fort for the boys and it actually stayed up for a few days! (I didn't think I would be able to survive the "mess", but, I did it!) We all watched a movie in there and then the boys slept in it for two nights in a row. It was really fun for them. We will have to do it again.

The boys had another monthly book club, and this time we hosted! Some of their little friends came up and each brought an assignment. One brought a story of the a turkey with a temper, one brought a craft and the other brought a snack. Fun was had by all :)

Lastly (except for Disney Land which will be a separate post) we got a wood burning fire place insert and it is lovely! The house was really starting to get cold with no heat source. We had broke down one night and started a fire in the regular fire place, only to have the house fill with smoke and set off all the alarms and linger for days! The new insert is awesome. Our house is warm once again and everything is nice and contained, and it looks really nice too. It even has a blower to really get the heat back to the bedrooms.  With all the free wood we can imagine from the ranch, this was truly a wise investment for our home.


  1. Thanks for getting us caught up on your life! So glad you got your fireplace in. It would have gotten pretty cold very soon.

  2. What an exciting month! Fun that you had an early Thanksgiving with Billy's family and you know how much I love forts! :) Your's looked awesome. And did I hear you say you went to Disneyland? :) I was hoping you would use the tickets before they expired. Love you!

  3. Heads bleed a lot, don't they? ;)

    That is so fun that Billy's family all got together. It is amazing how different all the boys look! I still can't get over it.

    You are such a fun mom with book club and forts and everything. And that fireplace looks dreamy!