Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Fun

This year for Halloween was the most low key costumes we have done for a long while. When we were driving through the Virgin River Gorge on our way to Utah a couple weeks ago, William was the only boy awake. I asked him what he thought of the neat mountains and rocks as we drove. His response " Mom, I wish I was a mountain climber so I could climb up there and find some really cool rocks!" From that point on, he had it set in his mind that he was going to be a mountain climber for Halloween. When Zachary heard that William wanted to be a climber, that is what he wanted to be too. So, 3 mountain climbers and a ballet we were.
We went to trunk or treat briefly, Jameson learned quickly what he needed to do to have people hand him treats. Billy got dropped off and joined us for about 10ish minutes. (Just long enough for someone to steal his backpack from under our car)
Then it was off to a neighborhood for the boys first "real" experience of trick or treating. We went to Foxen drive mostly to see all the work Anne Wright did on her front yard. Wow. She really went all out. We chatted for a while and got a laugh that she made all the older trick or treaters work for their candy. They had to tell her a joke!
The boys walked to about 10 houses or so on the street and then we went home. It was a nice Halloween overall.
Of course I didn't bring the camera on Halloween.... so we had a small photo shoot today. I should have found a rock, but the front of the house was good enough :)
Billy took on the project of making the boys harnesses! He took the belts we found at the thrift store and cut and sewed them at work and did a great job. The boys love them. All I did was drive us down to Carp where Justin Shuman (Billy's co-worker that climbs) let us borrow a bunch of his gear.
He are the tough rock climbers!


  1. So cute! Those pictures are great. The one of Jameson made me laugh out loud. Love them and you.

  2. Thanks for sharing once again your fun moments with us

  3. I love that they are shirtless. Are rock climbers usually shirtless? They are adorable none the less.

  4. Love it. But I don't love that someone stole Billy's backpack! What is that about? Lame!! I hope there was nothing valuable in there.