Thursday, February 23, 2012

Our trip to Utah

The Wrenns took a family vacation to Utah for a week to go and visit family. It was a perfect trip. One thing we did differently in our travels this time around was taking it a little slower. Instead of plowing through the 11 hour drive all in one shot, we broke it up and planned to site see a little. We stayed in Saint George and took a detour to Zions National Park! The weather was amazing, we hiked in t shirts and flip flops and admired the beauty of the mountains there. The boys did so great hiking around too. We first did a 2 mile hike to the Emerald pools & back, William hiked the entire way and Zachary did a good portion of it. We all really enjoyed being in the nature there. Then we drove to the Narrows hike, ate a snack & walked for another 20 minutes or so along the river. It was so wonderful to finally experience Zions. Some day We will go back and experience it a little further :)
We made it to Mapleton just in time to celebrate my niece Reanne's 9th birthday with the family. My sister made this chocolate cake that was heaven on a fork & we visited for the rest of the evening. Sunday morning we woke up to dumping snow! What luck! A hike in the warm sun one day, perfect driving conditions, and then fresh powder for Billy to ski on! We went to church with Kristy and her family so William and Grant could go to Primary and Sunbeams together- so cute. Family dinner included My parents, Tracy, Grandma Mills, Aunt Brenda and the Bourgeous family, it was so wonderful to be around so much family. And oh how we have missed those Sunday dinners.
Monday, Billy had a great day of skiing at Sundance with a discounted ticket, free lunch and fresh powder. Couldn't have asked for anything more. Thanks Tracy!
The rest of the week flew by. It never snowed again and the warm sun returned which made driving conditions on our return trip a dream. William played with his cousin Grant everyday, all day, and had the time of his life. They got along so great, it was so fun to watch them. Zachary did his best to keep up and played really well with the boys as well as Reanne and Sierra. It's everything you could hope for when it comes to family :)
I got to hang out with Kristy, my parents and Tracy quite a bit through out the week, it was so nice. We went on a few outings but mostly hung around the house enjoying each others company. I got to see my Grandma's new house she just bought a mile away from my parents home. It was so wonderful to see my Grandma again and know that she is well taken care of and surrounded by family now. I went to Novell on Friday afternoon and met Tracy for her pilates class, it was fun to work out together & it really kicked my booty too.
Billy and I got to escape for an afternoon to Salt Lake City and do a session at the temple! It was so wonderful and such a great experience. Something we have always wanted to do, see the SLC temple and experience it's beauty. What a special place.
It was such a treat all the way around to take this trip. One last escape before baby boy #3 comes and fire season heats up. I wish the family was just a little bit closer together so I could see everyone more often, but I sure enjoy the times I get to be with everyone. Love you family!
(I realized after this post that I am the worst at taking pictures! Hardly took any our entire trip!)


  1. So glad you came to visit and that you guys happen to come when Novell was having their discount snow day. Also glad you came to my pilates class with me. I wish that I could have spent more time with you guys and not had to work... but I loved the time I did get to spend. Love you and your family SO much. So glad you had such a great trip.

  2. It was a little bit of heaven to have you here with us. It's great how the weather cooperated so nicely too. We miss our kids that don't live in Utah so anytime you are willing to come, we are very happy. See you in may!

  3. So glad you came! I think I might be the worst at taking pictures though. :)

  4. Aw, that looks and sounds like it was a lot of fun! And how blessed you were with the weather you had. Fantastic. I haven't seen Grandma's new house yet, they just had found it when we were there. Time flies.