Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Billys Birthday

Yesterday was Billy's 29th birthday. I made him a yummy lunch to take to work with a little happy birthday note. When he got home I surprised him and made arrangements for us to escape for a couple hours to Cold Springs Tavern for dinner for two :) Dinner was SO GOOD! The tavern has such tasty food. They bring you homemade bread to start off, we ordered artichoke hearts baked in this cream sauce for an appetizer, next salads & chili for Billy and then our dinners. I took about five bites of my blue crab stuffed ravioli & Billy ate half of his baby back ribs, baked potato and veggies before we couldn't eat another bite. (we have full meals for lunch/dinner today!). Our waitress, who happened to be the wife of one of the forest service battalion chiefs, gave us our appetizer for free and sent us home with a big helping of complimentary cobbler! Lucky night. We came home to find our boys having lots of fun with the neighbors, it's so nice when the boys can be babysat at home. That doesn't happen very often living back here. We had a little family party with funfetti cake & homemade chocolate banana ice cream :) tradition continues! Streamers & 12 helium balloons to enjoy all over the house, and some new running clothes for Billy. The birthday boy said it was the perfect day.
The boys and I also made homemade cards and I have to post William's. He did some great water color and then wrote his birthday note all by himself. I told him I would write down a message for Daddy and he said "no Mom, I want to write it all by myself" and he did! (well, i told him which letters to write). Can't believe how fast he is growing up.
Happy birthday Billy- I love you!


  1. Billy is one lucky guy! Glad he loved his day.

  2. Glad you made his day special. So glad you married him and he is part of our family because I think he is pretty great. :) Happy Birthday Billy!

  3. That looks perfect. What a good wife you are.
    And I am so impressed with William! I've been working with Asher forever on his letters, and he has been working with them at preschool as well. I fear for his penmanship and his first years of real school.

  4. I ditto Jamie's remarks. Wow about WIlliam's note...and of course about you as a wife. Great job with everything and happy birthday Billy!