Thursday, January 19, 2012


With the start of the new year, we sat down and had a family home evening to set some goals. One of our goals was to be more consistent in holding FHE. With the boys being so young, it wasn't something I made a priority in the past. Now that William is 3 and soaking everything up, with Zachary watching his every move, it's time to make sure we are holding a regular family night. So this last week we pulled out our amazing FHE binder given to us last year by Aunt Tracy and so lovingly made by her and Aunt Kristy! It is such a GREAT binder! So far both lessons have been a huge hit with the boys. We had a lesson on Noah the first week and the boys loved playing animal charades! Even Zachary got into it acting like an elephant and a lizard. William wanted to play until he had the chance to act out every animal in the stack, twice! It was so fun. This last week we had the lesson on David and Goliath and of course the favorite was chucking marshmallows at Goliath for like 20 minutes. Boy do the boys have good arms and pretty darn good aim too. It has been a wonderful addition to our weekly routine so far and I know it will continue to be. I will have to read this post once fire season starts and I have a newborn to remind myself to keep at it :)
Thanks again Tracy & Kristy for the great binder! Our family loves and appreciates all the hard work and many hours that went into it!


  1. You are so welcome! I'm glad the boys are loving it. I hope that one day I will have kids and that I will also have the FHE binder. :)

  2. I can just picture you kids with the marshmallows. :) So classic.