Thursday, January 19, 2012

Boys Room

A couple of weeks ago I decided I was finally going to repaint the boys room. It has always bothered me how I didn't spend enough time on the walls in there prepping, sanding, patching before we sprayed the room with paint 2 and a half years ago. Plus there was pieces of moulding missing and unfinished spots that I never got around to painting. After we repainted our condo in carp to prepare for new tenants, there was a gallon of neutral paint that didn't match on any of the walls, so I took it home and decided it would be the paint for the boys room. The color is almost the same as what was in there before, kinda funny, but I like it. Not sure if I will do something fun like a stripe around the room for an accent eventually, but for now it is done.
I put both of the boys names together on one wall so that I have the wall over the crib for our new addition in a few months. I also wired a light bulb to one of the paper lanterns as the main light in the room, though I need to find a brighter light bulb. Billy finished the wall off with a very simple moulding that is white and complete! I'm happy with the room and I think the boys are too. Although we are already talking about bunk beds.....


  1. It looks really cute Lori. I love it. I love everything you do though. Your house is so cute!

  2. Great job Lori and billy! I think its so great that the boys do well sleeping together. But I can see that in the future you will need bunks.

  3. Do you just have two bedrooms? Great job on the room. It's amazing what a fresh coat of paint will do.