Saturday, October 1, 2011

Retro Homemaking

A few weeks ago our Relief Society put on a retro homemaking night. It was so fun to be a part of (I'm on the committee). We had a pressure cooking class, made little apple pies in a jar and sewed half aprons. We also had a board game drive which we collected and gave to a local children's program. All in all a very fun night. Most of us on the committee dresses up for the occasion, wearing pearls, curling hair and of course sporting our aprons!
I slept in sponge curlers up to my head the night before and even painted my finger nails. I wore a full apron that one of the other ladies brought but couldn't wear because of her hair due. Billy was gone on a fire, So I brought the boys and one of the young women watched them in the nursery... hooray for a small break and a fun evening with the RS sisters!
Doesn't Jill's hair look amazing!


  1. How fun, You look so cute, especially with the curls!

  2. Jills hair does look cute, as does yours, fun to have a dress up night!