Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bike riders

Yesterday I found a great deal on a little two wheeler bike for William so we drove to town and bought it. $25! I love craigslist! Ever since we got home yesterday afternoon all he wants to do is ride his bike. He does so great on it, he just charges. We don't have any flat ground around so he is already learning to be comfortable on the ups and downs. I am so impressed with how quickly he transferred from trike to two wheeler (with training wheels of course). Go William! WOW :)
Zachary won't be left behind either. He has found that the neighborhood plastic trike is just his size and he motors around on it flinstone style. He can't reach the pedals. He also charges on his little trike and can keep up with the rest of the kids where ever they are going. Up hill or down, doesn't matter. He has some strong legs!! I saw him a few days ago pushing William on his trike from behind with his trike, up hill! What a brother, go Zachary!


  1. That is so awesome. I love how active your boys are. Just like Mommy & Daddy!