Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Family Fun

Christmas brought lots of travel and emotion. We drove to Mapleton Utah to spend the holiday with the Mills crew this year. We drove through the night to get there which actually was really awesome to drive without having to cater to or entertain the boys. William had the week of his life playing with his cousins everyday, all day. Not to many naps happened but he was so happy to play and run all day around Grandma & Grandpas new big house I didn't care. It was so fun to watch the kids all play together, hang out with my sisters & brother in-laws and help my parents move in. What a wonderful Christmas.I am so happy that my parents have a big beautiful house to live in and my sisters and brother near to visit them. But, I am sad to no longer have them next to me to visit and spend time with.
I love my family! What a great Christmas.


  1. So glad you were able to come! It was a great Christmas because of the family being together. Love you. Thanks again for making the drive.

  2. you know I cried when you left! I will miss holding Zach and playing ball with William and having you over for dinner and just dropping by when you were down the hill. Good times they were!!

  3. It was a great Christmas. I'm so glad we could all be together. And Asher had so much fun with William!