Saturday, August 5, 2017

New little friend

About a month ago this little black kitten showed up around our house. It was pretty skittish when we would come outside, it would run away when it saw us. It was about the same time that I discovered a mouse in the house too and a mouse nest in the outside art cupboard. Anyway, one morning the boys went to the back yard to play baseball as usual and they came back in shortly because they said there were several chewed up mice in the back yard. Awesome news. The mouse inside was never caught and never found, but there is no trace of it anymore. I'm thinking it went out the way it came in and the kitten got it.
Well, Billy brought it out a little bowl of milk one morning as a thank you for helping with the mice... and it has stuck close by ever since. The kids can all pick it up and pet it and it seems to have adopted our family. Not sure I am too excited for one more thing to take care of... but we give it some cat food each morning and we shall see what happens.  It's NOT allowed in the house, and I am sometimes bugged at how much it sits at the door and meows... but, hopefully we wont have any more mice in the house.
The kids have named it Blackie. Seems to be a good little cat.


  1. Mousers are worth the little annoyances I think. And what kids don't like to pet a cat. Win win! As long as it stays outside!

  2. Yeah... what mom said. Don't let it inside!