Sunday, May 28, 2017

Two May birthdays!

I have been so tired and busy between baseball, school, and pregnancy that I have not had the energy to sit and record what has been happening around our home for over a month!
Well, we celebrated Jameson's 5th birthday & Zachary's 7th birthday with the help of a fun surprise visit from Grandpa Mills. He came to town to watch the boys play some baseball and it happened to be our big birthday week too! It was so nice because I had no idea what I might do special for them besides a favorite dinner and birthday cake... no time for birthday parties when every weekend is filled with baseball games and church. Grandpa took each one of them on a special outing to get lunch, pick out a birthday present, and have some nice one on one time. He even managed to think of me too and bring home a mothers day gift. It really was so sweet, thoughtful, and special to have him here for a few days right during a special yet chaotic week. (William had 2 days of state testing this same week at a testing site in Carpinteria! His and ours first time having to deal with this)

I think that both Jameson and Zachary felt very loved and appreciated for their birthdays. Jameson chose a big BBQ tri tip birthday dinner which we shared with Grandpa as well. Zachary went with breakfast for dinner and I made all sorts of types of pancakes with toppings like chocolate chips, strawberries, and whipped cream along with eggs to balance it out. We went to a celebration of life the evening of Zachary's birthday, so afterwards we went and got frozen yogurt for a birthday treat.

Really, I am so very blessed at how well behaved, easy going, and pleasant all of my children are. There was no whining from Zachary that I made them all sit quietly at a "funeral gathering" on the evening of his birthday when he could have been opening his birthday gifts at home. I'm certainly a lucky mom :)

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