Sunday, July 19, 2015

Grand Canyon Trip

5 days after getting home from camping in the Sierras, we packed up again and hit the road to Arizona. It would have been a really long journey without Billy, but he was on a 6 day off and was able to be with us the entire time!!!! I think it ended up taking us around 8 hrs to get there. The drive is pretty boring with not much to see until you are almost there. We met up with most of the Mills family members in Williams, AZ. Kristy had planned the hotel & train ride to the south rim. The hotel was nice & in the morning there was a pretty corny wild west show before we got on the train. The train was fun, the kids enjoyed their first time riding a train. Leila ended up throwing up on the train just before we were about to get off. Not sure if it was motion sickness, altitude or a combination of the two :( No fun. Luckily I felt it coming and neither of us got to messy. Poor girl.

The Grand canyon was a site to behold. No wonder it is one of the wonders of the world. I didn't think I would be so nervous having all my kids there, but I really was. It was a weird feeling as I am not usually a paranoid or nervous mom. Having the boys all running around on the rim trail and sitting on the wall over the grand canyon was not a fun experience for me. I was not relaxed or fully enjoying the experience until I was far from the wall & even back on the train headed out of there. Hopefully when the kids are all older, we can go again and do some hiking and really take in the grand canyon and all its beauty. For now, I like looking at the pictures we took during our 3 hours we spent there.

The rest of the trip was spent at a rental house that I spent hours and hours searching out on line. We were all able to gather together in one big house and hang out, cook dinner together, play games & enjoy family time. Except for some unexpected upsets, it was a really great time. We had hiking and exploring right out the back door of this house & took advantage of that. The guys also went shooting and found a fire pit that we went out to at dark & roasted marshmallows and ate smores! The boys ran around and played their hearts out with their cousins. I don't think I remember any fighting at all between the 10 cousins that were there! Amazing.


Billy & I both thought Williams was a pretty cool little town and we would go back there and do some more exploring again. It was an expensive little trip, but the experience was great. I guess that's what counts. Thanks Kristy for making the suggestion to visit the Grand Canyon, it was truly amazing :)


  1. It was great! Thanks for the work you did to make it happen. It just wasn't long enough :)

  2. I thought I would be more nervous about my kids at the GC, being afraid of heights myself. I don't know if they were careful enough or didn't get close enough to the edge, but I was ok. But Williams was so fun! We should meet up there again sometime. We Hixons loved it.