Saturday, May 30, 2015

Dr check ups and no front teeth!

Jameson and Leila both had check ups at the pediatrician yesterday. Jameson threw a fit for the majority of the time and Leila was an angel. The difference of awareness I suppose.

Jameson weighed in at 33 pounds and 3foot 1. He sets the record for the family being the first above the 50th percentile! (63% for weight) no big surprise there.
He flipped out when they pricked his finger to check the iron count in his blood. He also dodged his shot because he woke up stuffy. Lucky him.

Leila weighed in at 11 pounds! I could hardly believe it! 30th percentile :) not bad for my baby. She has also grown 3 inches. She checked out beautifully and even got her first shot without making a peep. I was shocked she didn't cry.

On another note. William woke up the other day and walked out of his room holding his other front tooth! He calmly said "Mom, my tooth just came out right now. There isn't even any blood this time." Then turned around and went back to his bed.

Love all these fun mile stones :)

Strike a pose Zachary!


  1. Wow, I can't believe that Leila didn't cry. Never heard of that happening. Can't wait to see you guys again soon.

  2. Love hearing all of their updates. I can't believe Leila didn't cry. So excited to see you all again in about a month.

  3. Ha!! That picture of Zachary is the cutest! I think one of my kids didn't cry with one of their shots, maybe Asher? It was only one time though.