Sunday, January 11, 2015

Learning Excitment

William has been doing great in school. He is seldom resistant to start and complete school lessons each day and seems to be grasping and leaning in leaps and bounds. Zachary has also taken a strong interest in wanting to learn and do his workbooks. He will sit at his little table in the office while I am teaching William and complete page after page in his school books. It puts a big smile on my face to see these boys so excited to learn.
Williams penmanship is very nice. He loves to practice writing and will write in his notebooks during the day. I will be doing something in the house and he will coming running to ask me how to spell a certain word or two. He writes sweet notes for his brothers and for Billy and I too. It's so fun!

On another note- Ian, Stephanie and Emmett came to visit for the weekend :) We went to the zoo on Friday, always fun! Saturday was wet and gloomy, but we enjoyed hanging out and playing all together. The boys took a bath with their cousin which is always a cute photo op.

Tomorrow, we will expand our learning at the Monterey Bay Aquarium! We got free tickets through their home school days- Score!!


  1. OH MY GOSH! I LOVE the Monterey Bay Aquarium! It's my favorite aquarium. You and your boys are always having so much fun. I love it. Love seeing and hearing updates. Love you!

  2. So nice to hear that your boys are enjoying school and learning. You did get the Christmas packages I sent right?