Wednesday, November 19, 2014

It's a GIRL!

It has now been nine days for me to process the news in my head. We are having a girl in the Wrenn family! I think it's safe to say that EVERYONE is pretty darn excited about this news :) Our ward is already planning a huge party, haha.

I have kept the first dress that my Dad bought for me when I was born and finally get to take it out and use it on something other than my cabbage patch kid doll.  All the boys have been so cute to put their heads on my tummy each night before bed and say goodnight to baby sister.

The ultrasound appointment with Dr. Soffici was a neat experience this time. Mostly because Grandma Southerland (Wrenn) was here visiting and got to be in the room with us. We opened the window to the outdoor patio area where Grandpa Wrenn and the boys were playing so they could be part of it as well. Grandma had never seen anything like the ultrasound I had and Dr. Soffici was very nice and happy to explain it all to her. She was super amazed when he turned on the 3D effects and we saw a great peek of her hiding face. What a special day. First girl to be born into the Wrenn family in a couple generations!