Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ranch house updates

My sister Kristy reminded me to take some pictures of the progress of our up and coming home on the ranch. Here are some pictures to show you that it is still a mess and has a long way to go before we can move in.... though we are already paying rent as of March 1st. This transition is tricky to do with 3 small children, but we are getting there.
The outside of the new room addition and our pile of construction garbage.
Inside addition- office/ guest room. Walls painted, floors and trim waiting
Laundry room painted. Trim and shelving needed (so excited for this room!)
Main room & Kitchen. Opened! Needs more paint.
Bathroom. Fresh tile (thank you Martin) needs lots more love.
Little bedroom #1. Almost painted
Master bedroom. Haven't touched it yet but bought my first rug! Not sure where it will go
 The boys room. Still needs more paint and a new light.

Kitchen. A mess. Need to repaint cabinets!
Lots of work. There's the update :)


  1. Do you wish you could keep Martin working? The bathroom is shaping up, tile looks great! Really, there really isn't that much to do...just get the floor in and some trim done.

  2. Thanks for taking pictures! It is fun to see the progress. You guys amaze me. It is looking good. What a project with 3 little kids!

  3. Yes, thanks for the pics. I have been so curious about your new house. I like what you have done so far. I'm sure you will make it all wonderful by the end.

  4. It was fun to see this in person... and it has probably changed even more since then. We want to come back soon. :)