Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bloody day

This morning I got to go for a run after Billy came home from his. I chose to run/hike snyder trail across the street. I made it to "the sign" (where the guys all hike for their pt) in 28 minutes and then started my jog down toward home. I was almost to the bottom and on a flat part of the trail when I kicked a rock and took a dive. It was a little shocking, I can't remember the last time I fell that hard. I just couldn't catch myself because I was going to fast and down I went. I think I slid for quite a distance too. My right knee is skinned and a little sore, my left leg has a good road rash on it and both my palms are skinned up and bloody... but, I sure enjoyed my run nonetheless :)
Then this evening, Zachary was goofing off in the tub and fell, splitting open his eyelid. Of course Billy was gone on a man date to see the new batman movie. I was sitting on the toilet nursing Jameson and directing the boys to scrub where all the dirt was on their filthy bodies. Of course it had to happen right then. Poor Jameson was screaming from being put down in the middle of his dinner. Poor Zachary was screaming and had blood coming down from the corner of his eye. Poor William just sat in the brown water as I hurried to try and get everything under control. Glad he wasn't screaming from seeing the blood... only when it's on him i guess.
At least this didn't happen last Thursday when we had no power from 12noon to 12 midnight. And at least the water was turned back on by evening so I could bathe the boys at all. Our water was turned off all of a sudden this afternoon without warning, it happens back here, annoying.
Everyone is sleeping now- thank goodness our bloody day is over.


  1. I guess when it rains it pours. So sorry you had to deal with all that. Having kids is no picnic

  2. Oh man! Sorry that you and Zach got hurt and both while Billy was not around. Bummer. You handle these situations like a champ though. Love you.

  3. Motherhood. It's all about blood, throw-up and poop. Oh, and in my case a lot of pee too. :) Seriously though, I'm sorry you had to deal with all that. Tell Zachary that we are all sorry about his eye over here.

    By the way, Grant just yesterday was asking when he was going to see William again. We are going to have to make some plans soon.

  4. Reading your blog is so much like reading "These is my words". I know that won't mean much to you, but it is my favorite book.